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The idea for BATA SOLE was inspired after my brother and I visited our family’s birthplace in the Philippines in 2012. While we explored my mother’s village, Casilagan (Pangasinan Province), we were immediately in shock and awe. We were heartbroken to see the poor living conditions for the children. We came across a worn-down basketball court and noticed the kids did not even have proper shoes to play in.


Despite the circumstances, a high-spirited basketball game was being played. The energy was electric, and I saw the love for the game stronger than ever. The next day, we decided to throw the kids a basketball tournament. The winner would score my pair of black and gold Kobe 7s. We had a large turnout, and it was riveting to see the community come together. A kid scored an impossible 3-pointer to end the match. He rode off victorious in a crowd of cheers and comradery.


My mother and late-father worked hard to provide my brother and I a fortuitous upbringing, and I want to give back to the less fortunate through BATA SOLE.


Donations will go toward collection, restoration, & delivery of shoes.

Always looking for volunteers to help out in all aspects of our mission. Anything helps. Please e-mail us if you're willing to contribute to the cause.

Click to learn about our accomplishments so far...

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